Lucy Stone Park Restoration

Welcome to Lucy Stone Park! What you are seeing today on the eastern portion of the park is the result of two years’ restoration work completed by the Town of Warren Conservation Commission with enormous help from local and town businesses, individual volunteers, local organizations including Warren Rural Improvement, Boy/Eagle Scout and Girl Scout Troops, as well as several town departments. Our sincere thanks goes out to all those who have already contributed to this great effort.

Many of you may remember the former eastern portion of Lucy Stone Park: Several acres of riverfront totally overgrown with invasive rose and brambles, countless dead trees and shrubs, all entangled by grape and bittersweet vines. Access to the Quaboag River was very limited thanks to the bramble, and the park in general was not a welcome area for use by townsfolk. The Restoration Objective is to replace the invasive plants with more wildlife friendly native plants, and in the process, create an environment within this wonderful natural resource that benefits both wildlife as well as all Warren Residents. The park welcomes walkers, fisherman, paddlers, and families who want to picnic or play in a beautiful setting. 

As we progress with the work on the east side, native New England shrubs and trees will be planted to enhance the riverbank and general surroundings. Benches and tables will be brought in; spaces will be created for relaxing and picnicking.

Our next task is to work on the restoration of the western portion of Lucy Stone Park. This is more complex, as it will not only include removal of invasive shrubs, vines and dead trees, but also improve vehicle access and parking, addition of a river trail with picnic areas, as well as planting of native shrubs and trees.

We are so fortunate to have a community with caring individuals! This project is ongoing - Volunteers always welcome! If you would like to contribute to this effort, please contact the Warren Conservation Commission at (413) 436-5701 or Tim O’Brien, Project Manager, at (413) 813-7110.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Tim O'Brien Project Manager (413) 813-7110