Overview of the Town Hall Reuse Study

Warren received technical assistance funds from the Mass. Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) to conduct a preliminary reuse study of the old Town Hall in Warren Center. The DHCD program, known as the Mass. Downtown Initiative Technical Assistance Program, provides assistance to communities seeking to revitalize downtowns and town centers. Click here to view a copy of the application form.

Warren applied for funds to conduct a reuse study of former Town Hall. The application provides an overview of the history of the building, its architecture, and current condition. The Town Hall is listed individually on the National Register of Historic Places. Click hereview a copy of the Town’s application.

While the Police Department continues to occupy the first floor of the building, the Department is in dire need of new space that will meet the needs of a modern police force. The second floor of the building contains a beautiful auditorium that once held Town Meetings and a variety of plays and other cultural events. The Town continues to maintain the Town Hall to prevent further deterioration, but the building is underutilized. Given its historic significance and impressive architecture, it holds a great deal of promise to be a vital community asset and contribute to the revitalization of Warren Center.

The goals of the study are:

  1. To develop a feasible Reuse Strategy for the Town Hall that identifies a viable civic or private use for the building and presents a realistic approach for achieving this goal.
  2. To contribute to the revitalization of Warren Center by targeting public and private investment into the Town Hall that will support greater economic activity in surrounding buildings.
  3. To support economic growth of Warren as a whole.

DHCD assigned the project to FinePoint Associates, LLC. Peg Barringer is the principal planner on the project. FinePoint has completed a number of similar projects and brings a wealth of expertise to the task. Click here to view a copy of the approved scope of work. The scope calls for a broad public participation process to provide Warren residents with a voice in determining the outcome of the study. Warren’s Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) is coordinating the study for the Town. The Committee will provide a sounding board to help FinePoint understand local market conditions and develop reasonable recommendations.

Finepoint prepared a citizen survey to provide a means for gauging public sentiment for reusing the building. A link to the survey appears on the home page. If you missed it, you may also click on the link below. Please take a moment to complete the simple form.

Once the results of the survey become available, they will be posted on this page. We will also provide a copy of the final report for residents to learn of the major findings and recommendations of the study. This effort is an important first step for determining a feasible strategy for bringing the Town Hall into the mainstream of community life.

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